Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Address: 1303 E Algonquin Rd
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Category: Office
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  • Billy

    Get the coffee and meal cards for the cafe. After 9 purchases you get a free drink or meal!!! Good times. Free lunch!
  • Tom Printy

    A good place to work.
  • Grant Austin

    The Innovation Center is awesome!
  • al sam

    Great campus. You gotta check out the lake.
  • Ryan Ziolko

    There is a (free for employees) ChargePoint electric car charger by Door 11.
  • Ryan Ziolko

    "As far as large corporations go, it's a decent place to work." -Your Once and Future Mayor
  • Lisa Solak

    Employees should check out the Galvin Center and talk to the Archivists! Much to learn about the company history!
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