Woodfield Mall

Address: 5 Woodfield Mall
Phone: (847) 330-1537
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Category: Mall
Check Ins: 80614


  • Perry Ellis

    With over 300 stores and restaurants, Woodfield Mall is easily one of the best in the Great Lakes region.
  • Andy Trejo

    i Love Woodfield mall and Starbucks!!!
  • Seventeen

    There are 16 teen fashion stores here! From '80s loving Ragstock, to trendy Forever 21, to cozy aerie...we could spend all day shopping. :)
  • Jessica Pelasky

    Spend HOURS in this mall...it's awesome!
  • Lina Gonzo

    You can find a huge indoor playground near the center of Woodfield Mall! Lots of benches for the parents to sit and rest and lots of room for the kids to run around! Win win!
  • David S.

    The people-watching alone is reason enough to visit.
  • Lisa Barbieri

    No food court :(
  • Amar Patel

    go into best buy mobile. no rebates on any cell phones and they have the best prices on cell phones.
  • Lisa Barbieri

    Insanely crowded on the wknd
  • Kyle Smith

    Avoid at all costs during the holiday season!
  • Elyse Bernardin

    <3 the urban outfitters!
  • Corey Rudner

    Cheesecake Factory. Yummy! Rainforest Cafe. Yummy!
  • Raleigh Meier

    Check out the store, Lush
  • Della V

    Best mall in the Chicagoland area. Love the store selection:)
  • Daily Herald

    Sked appt online and save time waiting at Genius Bar in Apple Store.
  • NarniaFans.com

    This shopping center hosted the a Voyage of the Dawn Treader themed interactive ice palace from November 12, 2010 to December 24, 2010.
  • Charlie Scheid

    Don't come here high, too much stimuli
  • Eric Haizmann

    The best part of Woodfield is the Cook County taxes!
  • David Nardi

    Awesome mall. Be sure to check out the store specials on four square
  • Kate K

    if you have kids the play area is open before the stores and not busy.
  • Kristin Andrus

    crazy busy during the holidays. expect to be in line for a while!
  • Todor Krecu

    Visit Texas de Brazil after shopping for the buffet!
  • JK-47 [Villain]

    .. mall. big mall.
  • Kayla Andrzejkowicz

    Pumpkin spice at Starbucks!!
  • Amar Patel

    head into best buy mobile for the best phone prices u can ask for. no rebates. got my blackberry torch for $100
  • Vanessa

    Resist the temptation to clothesline the insane crowds. Go during off-peak hours to maintain sanity.
  • John Mathews

    Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Jarold Molo

    The McDonald's in this mall doesn't have the dollar menu. Lame.
  • Chris Harvey

    Another great suburban mall. Don't be fooled, this place can be as busy as any shopping center in the city!
  • Jake Rodenbeck

    Go Outside!
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