Address: 1800 McConnor Pkwy
Phone: (847) 969-9700
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Category: Furniture / Home Store
Check Ins: 45397


  • Weap Weaponry

    I think "Ikea" is Swedish for "Hell"
  • Tony Macasaet

    Check out the 'As Is' section on the 1st floor
  • Rebecca Johnston

    IKEA's return area reminds me of the afterlife waiting room in Beetlejuice.
  • Ryan Gallentine

    So many pregnant people here you might need a morning after pill just to be sure. Luckily they can be found in aisle 14 on the first floor.
  • Heather McAlister

    Using the cart esculator
  • Owen Youngman

  • Chris S.

    Billy the bookcase says hello. And so does a table whose name is Ingo. And the chair is a ladder-back birch but his friends call him Karl.
  • MidwestEvan

    Welcome to girlfriend catnip.. Godspeed lads.
  • Jessica Pelasky

    I could go crazy in this place...so many cool ideas and great things to buy!
  • Chelsea Peterson

    The Swedish Jungle
  • Benjamn Castaeda

    The return procedure is horrible. Get ready to grow a beard.
  • Sean Moran

    Sunday is crazier than Saturday, 80% of Ikea kitchens are bought on a Monday. Just so ya know ;) (I work at home delivery)
  • Nilednam Tra

    If you buy furniture a piece is missing/broken, they will open a new one if necessary to get you a replacement!
  • Todor Krecu

    Don't forget to visit the yearly crawfish fest in August.
  • Maureen

    The biggest IKEA in the USA, great place to feel entitled and wealthy because you can actually afford everything.
  • Terrence

    bring a bag so you dont have to juggle to the car
  • Ruth Robles

    food prices already include tax, so 1 dollar really means you hand over a dollar. they have hot dogs for 50 cents and AWESOME chocolate for a dollar. so yummy.
  • Ron W.

    Can't spend to much time in here or you want have room in your car to take it home
  • Victor

    work with a color palette in mind
  • Evan[Bu]

    Coming here on a Saturday is the most affordable form of birth control in the Chicagoland area.
  • MARK

    The chocolate cake is awesome
  • Jennifer Hirsh

    Smells like cinnamon and frustration
  • Sarah F

    Don't come here on a weekend. Open air markets are more organized and filled with less frantic people than ikea.
  • Lina Gonzo

    Smalland is a complimentary day care center in case you want to shop in peace and quiet. The decor is IKEA and the caregivers lead games! Neat!
  • Max Motrenko

    Great food, at cheap prices!
  • Ryan Pitt

    Play hide and seek here!
  • Mary Brown

    Swedish meatball meal is only a $1 today!
  • Jake Smith

    Browse the catalog/website and come in with a game plan. Divide, conquer, and get the hell out.
  • Brett Alan

    Great quality products for amazing prices. Just bought over 15 items for only $50. #happycamper.
  • Sam Houseworth

    Avoid on the weekends. It's like a zoo. Seriously, I think a lion and a wolf got loose in there once o.o
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